This online course is designed for individuals who desire to achieve the status of an AWS Certified Welding Inspector and/or Educator (CWI/CWE).

A wealth of knowledge needed in the day to day activities of a certified welding inspector. A must for passing the AWS Exam. You will review and learn these categories; Welding Processes, Metallurgy, Heat, Weld Examination, Welding Performance, Definitions, Terminology, Symbols, Test Methods, Reports, Records, Duties, Responsibilities, Safety, Destructive Testing, Cutting, Brazing and Soldering:

CWI Part B Examination Preparatory This course is designed for individuals who must take or retake the Part B exam or those who intend to gain or renew their CWI certification by taking the Part B (Practical) exam.  Focus is placed upon review of calculations required for the Part B exam and understanding the Part B Specification.

Senior CWI Preparatory   This course offers training experiences designed to prepare individuals meeting the requirements of the AWS QC-1 to successfully complete the AWS Senior Certified Welding Inspector (SCWI) examinations.  As part of the requirements of AWS QC-1, individuals must have a minimum of 6 years as a CWI to take the SCWI examinations.  To get ready for the SCWI examinations you must also complete the Welding Fundamentals course.  The Welding Fundamentals course should be completed prior to beginning the SCWI course.

This course covers the common math and formulas used by the modern Welding Inspector. A great way to learn or review the necessary skills that are required on-the-job and to pass the math portion of the AWS CWI/CWE exam.