This online course is designed to prepare our students to pass the Part B examination of the CWI using the 2017 Part B Book of Specifications, Welding Procedures, Procedure Qualification Records and Welder Qualification Test Records along with the plastic weld replicas and tools provided for the test.  Being very familiar with the Book of Specifications and how to apply the words in this document are critical to passing this exam.  It is highly recommended you consider renting the plastic replicas and tools we offer to get the benefit of actual measuring and be familiar with how to use the tools.  Those who participate in this course are also invited to attend the last 3 days of the classroom course if they are taking the test at one of the Real Educational exam sites.  In those days students will be working with all the items mentioned above in timed exercises to prepare for the exam.  Getting practice taking tests in a controlled environment will make the test day less intimidating.